Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Arsenal want a new goalie

Arsenal have had problems over the last few seasons where they have conceded too many goals and not scored enough goals.  Wenger might have a solution and it's name is Petr Cech

I think our friends at Dirty Tackle! made this
The Gunners have identified that stopping balls going into the net will mean that they concede less goals and since Petr Cech is very good at doing exactly this, he will fit in nicely.  Plus, Chelsea might turn to Belgian superstar Thibaut Courtois to fill the gap between the posts because otherwise he'll become too attached to Atletico Madrid and won't come back, sort of like when my girlfriend started hanging around with that cool motorcycle gang in the evenings and now she hasn't been home for about 3 months.  Also her stuff seems to have moved somewhere.  She's so crazy like that - we are two peas in a pod