Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Arsenal want Ashley Williams

Because Arsenal have terrible defenders, Arsene Wenger has taken the controversial approach of possibly buying ones who aren't terrible.  It's just crazy enough to work

That's what came in when I typed Ashley Williams into Google.  Wait I mean the uhhh.... picture agency we subscribe to.  Yes.  Anyway what I was actually looking for was that Swansea defender also called Ashley Williams

Who judging by the other Ashley Williams' photos is actually probably hotter than her.  This is why Arsenal want to spend £8million recruiting him to replace any one of their four average defenders, according to rumours I read on the internet.  Per Mertesacker has been such an inspiration to Arsenal that they've already commissioned a statue of him to be built next to the new Dennis Bergkamp one, but unfortunately they've already been using him on the pitch for months!  HAH AH AH AH HAHAH AHA H BECAUSE HES SHIT

I forgot to add that I would rather they sign Hayley Williams.  Because of her fantastic singing voice.

Also her tits