Saturday, 2 March 2013

Analysis of Fergie’s Rotation Policy and Ryan Giggs

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Ryan Giggs is now reaching 10000000 miles on the clock and has managed to pass his MOT for another year or something. I believe that part of the reason Man Utd have been so successful is because of Fergie’s rotation policy. It is also why Ryan Giggs is still alive. Here is an in depth analysis of Fergie’s rotation policy, and an analysis of Giggs’ position change. 

Fergie’s Rotation Policy Analysis
Man Utd have won countless trophies over the last couple of decades. A lot of this success has been down to Fergie’s rotation policy. Having such good players available means that he can rotate the team at half time, play an entirely different way, and still win.  Here is my analysis of how Fergie rotates his team and consequently how they play a completely different way in the 2nd half.

1st Half Team
As you can see Fergie starts with a strong team playing a specific way.

Figure 1. First half team playing specific way

2nd Half Team 
As you can see Fergie cleverly rotates the team at half time and makes them play a completely different way.

Figure. 2 Second half team – Rotated playing different way

People say that managing a club the size of Man Utd, with those players available, anyone could win trophies, but as you can see through my analysis, that is very much not the case. It takes well timed rotation of the team, coupled with an associated change in the way they play in the 2nd half, to win games. 

Giggs’ Position Change Analysis
A key factor in Ryan Giggs’ longevity has been his ability to change position. At his age he is bound to lack a bit of stamina, so for him to last an hour, he has to change position. There are various scenarios in which he needs to change position during a game, depending on who is on top, or if they have to come from behind etc. Here are some scenarios where he has to change position.

When coming from behind
Giggs sometimes needs to get in behind and just fire a cross-cumshot across the back when their back is turned. They just won’t be expecting it as they will probably be looking the other way. The position and movement diagram below shows an example of this scenario when playing against I.Thomas.

Figure 3 – Giggs position and movement – Coming from behind

When on Top 
When on top, Giggs can dominate a bit more. He has more control and can go a bit deeper and get balls into the hole a bit more easily.The position and movement diagram below shows an example of this scenario when playing against S.Ister-Inlaw.

Figure 4. Giggs position and movement – On top

In conclusion it is not easy to manage Man Utd, it takes well timed rotation of the team, and playing a different way each half. Giggs changes positions often  so he doesn’t get tired and can keep shagging his brother’s wife and Imogen Thomas and probably loads of other people but he gets super injunctions taken out because he is a model professional.