Thursday, 28 February 2013

The Rangers don't lose SPL titles

There was some Rangers tax thing today and again, I don't understand it for one minute but they still haven't been sent to jail yet so I think the outcome was good?  For them I mean.

Here's a picture of 'The Rangers' that I found on Google, and to be honest they look a far more ethnically diverse group than I had stereotyped the average Ibrox attending football supporter.  Those same supporters will be pleased that due to an admin error, the 'oldco' have to pay a £250,000 fine and the 'newco' don't lose the league titles they won by spending more money than everyone else and buying all of the other club's best players.  I understand more about women than I do tax law and I haven't even seen a tax law naked for about 3 months.  Except for on the internet.  Wait - I meant tax laws.  WAT