Monday, 11 February 2013

Robert Mancini is annoyed, Gareth Barry is Gareth Barry

Gareth Barry did a Gareth Barry against Southampton by scoring a Gareth Barry in his own Gareth Barry and then Mancini went ape shit.

Manchester City suffered the embarrassment of defeat to Southampton this weekend and in doing so prompted Paddy Power to pay out to punters who backed Man United to win the title at the start of the season.  Roberto Mancini was annoyed:
I want them all dead.  Cunts.
He took particular issue with his players whom he thought didn't quite live up to the expectations of a Premier League winning side and said "I are very disappoint'.  The problem here is that if you expect to win a league title when you're playing Gareth Barry, something has gone wrong.  I wouldn't try and win a toy in a box of cereal with him around incase he made it even more boring.  I would rather read the nutritional information on my Shreddies than talk to him about anything.