Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Rafa Benitez would consider being Spain boss

Rafa Benitez is very good at making himself look cool when he talks to journalists and this time he has confirmed that if the Spanish national team were to ask him, he'd definitely think about managing them.  How very grand of him!

The evil waiter is clearly in a very generous mood, and because Chelsea are still trying to replace him whenever they can he's open to offers.  Spain seem like they might be alright so he's looking at them (ESPN):
"I have a good relationship with Vicente, but I would not rule out becoming national coach, after Vicente has left of course," Benitez said. "It is something I see a long way down the line. For that I would need to stay at the top level and keep being successful."
I think that's a pretty fair thing to say.  I mean I also wouldn't rule out managing Spain if they asked me, so in that way me and Benitez are pretty similar.  That, and because the people I currently work for also hate me.