Wednesday, 13 February 2013

QPR are mental, say Anzhi

It wasn't that long ago that Anzhi Makhachkala were spending all of the money in the world assembling a super team, but now even they think QPR are 'out of their minds' for spending so much on Chris Samba.

The half monster/half defender signed for a fee of £12.5 million (triggering a release clause in his contract) and wages of £stupid a week.  It was hoped that his presence would seal up QPR's terrible defence, and this was exemplified in their 4-1 defeat to Swansea the other day.  So..... well done boys.  The Anzhi director said:
"When they agreed to pay his release fee we wept. He [Samba] wept. Everybody says that he ran away from the club, but that's not true. He didn't put any pressure on the club until we received an offer from QPR for £12.5m, the amount required by his contract."
There's nothing more cool than seeing a grown man cry, especially a dude that looks like he wears the bones of his enemies as a t-shirt.  Well, I say they're bones.  My Mum just kinda drew them that way, but no-one can tell when I strut down the street.