Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Paolo Di Canio B quitting

Eccentric psychopath, Paolo Di Canio, has resigned from his position as manager of Swindon Town because he hates them.

The Italian manager said:

From this position, it's of like eating myself to death.  With you on the outside, and me on the inside, there's advantages to both
And then I was like 'THERE'S ADVANTAGES TO BOTH".  I met James Murphy once in Sub Club and hugged him.  He was cool as fuck.  Paolo Di Canio on the other hand might actually be mental, but he has resigned because Swindon Town are being bought over, or didn't buy a player he wanted, or just didn't do something that he wanted to happen.  It's like when my girlfriend left me because I didn't want to go to Primark that time.  Or maybe because I had sex with her sister.  I'm pretty sure it was one of those