Saturday, 2 February 2013

Odemwingie is a jerk

Rejected children's toy, Peter Odemwingie, went all the way to London to discuss terms with QPR on TDD, only to discover that he wasn't allowed to and so was abandoned on the steps of Loftus Road.  HAHAHAHA

His West Brown team mates put up a shirt for him in their changing room before their Premier League match today and Odemwingie has been told not to turn up for training for at least a week.  The fact that he's allowed back in the team at all is pretty surprising since trying to force through a move yourself by going to London is so ropey but I guess they pay him a lot so it makes sense.  If I told my girlfriend I was going to London to meet a hotter girl without her consent she'd be really, really mad, and that's why I don't tell her.  Luckily for me, women aren't allowed to use the internet because their brains are so small