Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Michael Laudrup is sexual

Handsome Michael Laudrup is being begged to stay at Swansea for longer by his players because it turns out he's quite good at managing and stuff.

Real Madrid are rumoured to want to bring in the Danish legend to replace Jose Mourinho at the end of the season and since he also used to play for them, he already has a place in the fans' hearts.  Laudrup is so good that he actually managed to get a team from Wales to win a Cup in England and regardless of whether it's a trophy that no one actually wants or not, it's still a trophy.  Just like my '18 months clean' badge that I'm so proud of!

Some people however are like 'you can't just take that JJ' and to them I say 'meh'.  Just because I stole it from a man I found unconscious on the street doesn't make it any last valid.  He didn't look very clean either.  I don't understand what this trophy really is

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