Thursday, 7 February 2013

Michael Chopra is good at gambling

Michael Chopra is addicted to gambling and this is why Ipswich Town lent him £250,000 to help pay off debts.  He rewarded them today by bragging on Twitter about how rich he is

The former Newcastle striker shared a picture of his "bag o cash" (c) on the social networking site and then swiftly deleted his account because he realised he was being a penis.  The tweet was probably in response to a lot of people winding him up about being a gambling addict and to be honest I think I just hate everyone.  I hate people who are unnecessarily mean to celebrities just because they think Twitter makes it OK, and I also hate adults who use #lol as a passive aggressive veiled cry for attention.  Yeh he's addicted to gambling, but I know a lot of people who spend their entire day hitting refresh on Facebook.  Some of them aren't even me.