Thursday, 28 February 2013

Joey Barton likes Ibrahimovic's nose

Joey Barton is a pleasant and well educated individual off the pitch, as we all know, but on it he can sometimes be slightly mean.  Like against PSG when he suggested that Zlatan's nose is big

In this shocking video, the English midfielder suggests that Zlatan's giant beak might too large for his face but what Barton is forgetting is that Zlatan doesn't care.  Joey Barton is like a bug on the windscreen to Zlatan and if he wanted to fix his enormous schnoz he could do it with the billions of £££ he earns every day.  But he doesn't!  You know,  people shouldn't be so concerned with superficial things like 'how they look' - it's what's inside that counts.

Unless you're fat in which case what's inside is lots of cake and pies.  You fat cunt