Thursday, 7 February 2013

Joey Barton hates the jungle

Joey Barton was on Twitter today.  OH WAT NEWS THAT IS SIR but he was having a go at Neymar being a show pony, and then other people were having a go at him. Honestly it was boring

The English midfielder just recently earned his first French red card (or should that be rouge?????????? LOL) and he celebrated by banging on his keyboard like that cat who plays piano.
‘Neymar was playing after all against Cahill and Smalling, no disrespect to them but their not exactly Baresi and Beckenbuer and he never got a kick. I just refuse to believe the hype.#showpony’
He said a bunch of stuff that made a lot of sense like this:
If you a joiner and a guy who isn’t qualified criticises your work, you’d just dismiss it, probably utter “What do you know!” Now if on the other hand its another joiner or someone with some credibility in that field, you might not agree but it also might be correct. Either way there is some validity to their observations
And I kinda agree with that.  The bit I don't agree with is where he suggests Neymar shouldn't be playing in the "amazon jungle league", which I'm shocked the newspapers haven't tried to turn into some sort of racism scandal.  Good for them as well.  I also love the idea that Brazilian leagues are labelled in this way so that you have to complete each league to get into the next one like on Donkey Kong.  Hopefully soon they can get into the casino league, and then later the starlight zone, because that has the best music.