Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Inter & Millwall : Racisms part 10204093029

Like horse meat, racism is everywhere. Not so long ago we could look at fans in Russia, Italy and Spain and say "what a bunch of racist pricks" but it would seem Britain is now just as bad.

Mario Balotelli is back in Italy and apparently he doesn't even need to be playing to cause controversy. Inter have been charged 15000 euros, Inter President Massimo Moratti has condemned the behaviour and asked that it isn't repeated later in the Milan derby and although I wouldn't listen to Moratti, he looks like a demon that survives by eating the souls of children as they sleep.

When you think of of the worst fans in Britain, Millwall springs to mind. They are enhancing their glowing reputation as appalling shitbags, thanks to this footage:

If for some reason, you cannot watch the video, it basically shows a bald creature that has taken the form of a human, it could be Voldemort, shouting "nigger", "wog", "black cunt" and other disgusting phrases, time after time. He even throws in some monkey chants for good measure. Diouf actually complained to the referee and the fourth official but they heroically did absolutely nothing, apart from tell him not to go over to where the chants/taunts were coming from.

The incidents are going to be re-investigated in what should be the easiest investigation of all time. Hopefully the law will get involved, although I have no idea where the law stands on this or what the punishment is. I think they send Stan Collymore round and he just shouts in your face until you cry.