Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Frank Lampard writes books for children now

When your playing days finish, some footballers move into management, others into punditry and some turn insane and provide fishing rods to escaped murderers.  Frank Lampard is going to write children's books

The Chelsea midfielder has signed a deal to release five books entitled 'Frankie and the Magic Football' after becoming inspired by the stories he has been reading his own children.  No plot lines have been revealed so far but it is believed they will follow a common narrative and split that overall story over the five books.  The first is likely to be 'Frank Lampard and the Philosopher's Pie', followed by 'Frank Lampard and the Chamber of Pies', then 'Frank Lampard and the Prisoner of Greggs' finishing with 'Frank Lampard and the Goblet of Pies' and 'Frank Lampard eats more pies'.

Because he's fat.