Thursday, 7 February 2013

Darren Mackie arrives in Phoenix, is mobbed

Darren Mackie, saviour of men and lover of women, touched down in the USA today to begin his career with Phoenix FC.  If this sounds familiar it's because I wrote about it about 6 hours ago

You should really watch that video because it's very funny.  There are about 15 people who turned up to watch Darren arrive at the airport and the awkward silence when he realises they're there for him is brilliant.  Also even more fantastic is when they sing "only one Darren Mackie" because at least half of the people there think the last line is "walking in a winter wonderland".  Ah well, at least they care.   His wife used to go to my school as well.  I think she was in the year above me but I can't remember really... though I do remember she was quite hot.  So there you go.  See you later