Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Danny Simpson is unconscious

Delightful defender, Danny Simpson has been out celebrating his forthcoming journey to obscurity by being punched outside a kebab shop.  Party time!

The player was on a night out in his native Manchester to toast the French arrival at Newcastle and at some point ended up collapsing.  First of all, people who go out in town wearing only a t-shirt in the winter are assholes.  You don't live in Florida, mate.

Secondly, if someone starts giving you abuse in a kebab shop question two things: why are you in a kebab shop when you are a professional athlete?  Secondly, why are you worried what some pot-bellied, ugly, shaven headed spastic has to say to you?  In a kebab shop.  I've managed to avoid thousands of fights by simply ignoring the idiot who thinks it's funny to knock my food out of my hand, because it is chips and cheese, not a child.  Unless your child is chips and cheese but something tells me that's unlikely.  I've got a real feeling about that one.

So anyway he's not dead.  Just sleeping