Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Barcelona - is this the end?!!!!

Barcelona were destroyed by Real Madrid last night in the Lana Del Ray and does this mean that the great, mighty side that ruled the world has finally started to fall apart?

Probably not.  It just kinda means that Barcelona really do need Pep Guardiola to pull the strings and that it's not quite as easy as it looks to manage them.  Tito Vilanova was doing pretty well until he decided to get cancer again but there you go.

During the game lots of grown men pretended to be struck by mystery limbs and spent several minutes rolling around the floor so as to let everyone know of the terrible tragedy they were the victim of.  It did my tits in and I kinda stopped watching until I realised that Real Madrid were winning 3-0 and that Lionel Messi had had maybe one shot on goal.  JUICY

Some might be surprised by how poor Barcelona actually played, but not me because they actually did a pretty good impression of themselves on FIFA.  When I control them.  There's a lot of teams that aren't very good on that game actually.  I've lost with Chelsea, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich and come to think of it I always die on Call of Duty...... wait a minute........ haha I'm so stupid!  My Playstation is obviously broken