Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Arsene Wenger is RAGE

Arsene Wenger was having a nice time in a press conference the other day when all of a sudden he went Chris Benoit on one of the journalists.  And by that I mean he got angry, he didn't kill everyone.  In that regard it really was nothing like Chris Benoit, to be honest.

The Arsenal manager was being asked questions about a two year extension to his current deal and informed the waiting press room that this was 'wrong information'.  And then he TURNED INTO A BEAR AND STARTED THROWING SHIT EVERYWHERE.  DESKS, PEOPLE, CHAIRS      -  HE DIDN'T CARE, COS WENGER IS THE PLAYA WHO IS LIVING DOWN THE STAIRS

He was actually annoyed at what he perceived to be a question laced with negative motive and that's what happened.