Thursday, 7 February 2013

2 astronauts went to Italy vs Holland

If you are an astronaut, you'll know that sometimes it can be quite tiring building rocket ships and lasers.  That's why when you get the chance to watch an international friendly, well sir, you take it.

The least surprising thing about the photo is that Balotelli is in it as well, and these guys might very well have been hired by him to sit in the stand.  If I had as much money as some of these guys I'd hire like 20 of my friends to get dressed up as Batman, astronauts, Iron Man, pirates and every cartoon character you can think of, just so that when I bring a girl back to my house I can go 'and this is the games room. Sup guys' and then an astronaut just raises his beer to me and we move on.  If anything it might make the sex less disappointing.  And when I cry afterwards I can remind her of that happy time when she saw Barney the dinosaur playing beer pong