Sunday, 20 January 2013

Wenger and Ferguson - Gracious

Arsene Wenger and Alex Ferguson are well known for praising opposing teams and officials. Never do they seek out excuses for a poor result, except pretty much every single week. This week was no exception.

In some ways Manchester United were fortunate to come way with a point at Spurs. Dempsey scored an equaliser deep into stoppage time to rescue a point, which everyone agrees was deserved. Then again, if you  have the majority of possession and more chances, but still can't win a game - it's pretty much Gareth Bales fault. RVP did what he does and scored with his only real clear cut chance. Ferguson did what he does and got really angry with the linesman for not giving a penalty, for a "foul" on Rooney.
'It was a clear penalty, It was definitely a penalty. He has put his leg right in there. The linesman is facing it, I thought he had a very poor game, the linesman. I thought he was disappointing."
Charming. Gary Neville blamed it all on David de Gea for punching the ball with a fist limper than Dale Wintons. I would say that it's Alex Ferguson's fault, but not to his face as he would eat my eye balls.

Wenger was the warm-up act to Fergie, after watching his side lose 2-1 to Chelsea. The first goal by Mata, and what a fine goal it was, should not have stood because of a foul (it definitely was a foul) on Coquelin by Ramires. Then Ramires allegedly dived to win a penalty for goal number two - which Lampard "hit as hard as Stan Collymore hit Ulrika" -see below

"The referee gave a lot of free-kicks today, and some much less than the Coquelin one. It's frustrating."
In fairness to Arsene, he did accept that his team isn't good enough and even declared that they cannot afford to drop anymore points if they want to finish fourth. He should probably start with the defense. Sagna was allowed to have shit hair when he was good, but now he's awful and looks like a massive berk - it's time to sort it out. Mertesacker has a name that is a long and laborious as he is. In fact the spell checker just suggested that I meant to type "steelmaker" - that would be the perfect job for him.