Thursday, 3 January 2013

Two Russian footballers come out of the closet

I am fucking delighted to read this today.  Alexander Kokorin of Dinamo Moscow and Pawel Mamajew of CSKA have come out of the closet as the only openly gay footballers in world football pretty much since Justin Fashanu in the 80s.

Actually, if we're being pedantic, a player called Anton Hysen from Sweden was the first openly gay footballer since the 80s after he revealed in an interview with the Guardian in 2011 that he liked boys.  These two dudes have done it in Russia which is incredibly brave and absolutely legendary.  To put this into context it's a bit like when Bruce Willis did this:

I absolutely despise homophobia and see it far too often from idiots all around me, almost always by the uneducated or deluded religious, so if footballers can feel like they don't have to hide their sexuality in the overly macho world of football I think that's great.  In the grand scale of things you have to remember that it's not actually any of your fucking business whether a footballer likes bumming men or women, so I'm not advocating that every player who is gay suddenly comes out and announces it to the world.  I just think it would be nice if those people didn't have to hide.

We have all this anti-racism stuff everywhere yet you have the pope talking about how gay marriage isn't right?  And no-one thinks he's mental.  Can you imagine if he came out and said that all Chinese people are evil?  And women aren't allowed to be bishops?!  How is that organisation not fined until it dissolves - that must break every single HR law, both legal and morally responsible, that there is.

Almost forgot this is meant to be about football there.  Or is it about love?  YES IT IS!  LOVE EVERYONE PLEASE

Legends, mate.  Legends.