Friday, 18 January 2013

Those gay Russian footballers aren't gay

That article I did a while ago about two Russian footballers accidentally coming out through photos posted on the internet may have been slightly misleading and I say this because it was totally incorrect.  Ah well.

I found this on Reddit:
Sovetsky Sport (the newspaper): Judging by your photo sessions on Twitter, you had a lot of fun with friends during your vacation. But simpler people didn't understand your hugs with Pavel Mamayev.
Aleksandr Kokorin: It was funny to learn that some reacted to our picture with a question: "What sexuality are they?". My explanation: I know Pavel for a long time, since we were in school. We are rivals on the field, but friends in life. He's like my brother.
SS: Mamayev, I believe, captioned your photo with "I love him".
AK: Well, yeah. Like a brother.
SS: Then tell me, are you available?
AK: No, we are not. Pavel has a girlfriend, I have a girlfriend. By the way, they took those photos. We took photos of them as well. Just didn't put those ones online.
SS: The society exploded after looking at your pictures. Were you aware of the discussion that started?
AK: I had a lot to read. But we pretty much did not care. Why start a discussion from the other end of the world?
So what if they're not gay?  At least perhaps they made some other gay footballers reassess the fragility of their denial and with Lance Armstrong admitting that he used drugs this week, what better time to hang out your skeletons?  Is that even a saying?  I'd like it if people hung skeletons out of their windows.  It would be like I lived in Funny Bones and I'd be happy forever