Friday, 18 January 2013

Theo Walcott signs a contract

In the contract negotiation story currently gripping the nation, there has finally been a break through in Theo Walcott's talks with Arsenal.  Hallelujah!

With Theo being slowly turned into the striker he hoped he would be, Arsenal have decided to assume that he's going to turn out good and have awarded him a contract worth £100,000 a week.  That is quite a lot of money for someone who adds very little to a team other than running very, very fast and scoring off the bench occasionally but whatever.

Theo had already turned down a five year deal worth £75k a week in favour of the new one which is three and a half years long and with more money, but at least it means that the Gunners haven't lost one of their best players to Man City or Barcelona again.  Conversely it also means that they are going to have to pay Theo Walcott £100,000 every week.

That's like when you go to get your shopping and when you're walking round the aisles you realise you need dishwasher tablets, shower gel, razor blades and more frosted shreddies and that you don't love your wife anymore