Sunday, 27 January 2013

Some things happened in the FA Cup

GOAL!  That was the sound of the underground today after some lower league teams beat some really expensive ones and the "magic of the cup" lived to fight another day.

Liverpool managed to embarrass themselves some more by losing to Oldham and I find this very funny because that is a place that is Old Ham.  HA HA HA HAA OLD HAM! !  What are the odds?  They were actually quite high because they play in League One and thus should not have lost to some millionaire car thieves.  BrenDONDAN Rodgers is very disappointed with the players he put out because they are so young:
"I was bitterly disappointed with the young players as they had a chance to compete for a club that has to challenge for trophies.
"We lost our concentration and only had spells in the last 35 minutes when we were at the right level."
And right he was to criticise his young players because they play for Liverpool.  What this misleading quote neglects to inform you is that Suarez, Sturridge, Borini, Sterling, Allen and Jordan Henderson all started the game and combined I think that means the team was worth about... £60million.  HA HAH AHA HA HA HA H HA H AH AH AH AH AH A jesus monkey balls.

Over in Landan, Harry Redknapp enjoyed watching his incredibly overpaid bell-end patrol fall over and get buggered by MK Dons, who are a team from a made up place.  Milton Keynes is basically a theme park for English people where you can drink tea and burgle houses yet they managed to score 4 goals against a Premier League side.  Harry thinks this proves that he needs more players:
If we don't get more players, everyone in London will die
The actual quote wasn't quite as severe as that, but I find the very notion that Mark Hughes spent so much money and bought such absolute shite, absolutely hilarious.  How clueless must that man, or his superiors, have been to sign Jose Bosingwa on £80,000 a week.  They would probably make him be a janitor if it wasn't for the likelihood they'd just find him sleeping in the closet like a possum.  If QPR  were a Monopoly piece they would be the iron, because the iron is shit.

Some other stuff happened as well.  I think Spurs lost.  See you later.