Sunday, 20 January 2013

Sneijder joins Galatasary

Well Wesley went against what most people wanted and winds up in Turkey. He has signed for Galatasary, who definitely are not Liverpool or Manchester United.

Wesley is a great name, think of all the great Wesleys. Like Snipes and...anyway, he is only 28 and I'm struggling to understand this move. They probably offered him loads of money, but he would have received loads of money no matter where he went. The Turkish league is all tits up and up to it's balls in allegations of corruption and match-fixing.

Apparently he's a bit if a penis, which is a shame because he is a great player. He hasn't actually played for two months because he refused to take a pay cut. I can't fault him for that though, surely nobody would take a pay cut if they were offered it?

"Hey Fitba, do you want to keep doing exactly the same job but for less money?"
"By jove, that sounds marvelous!"

In reality you would let out a Nelson-esque laugh from the Simpsons and take an extra long poo at work that day.