Monday, 7 January 2013

Sepp Blatter loves racism

After Kevin Prince Boateng took a stand against racism last week by kicking a ball at supporters and then walking off the pitch, various football figures have had a chance to comment on what they think the solution is going forward.

Sepp Blatter's solution is for those silly ethnic minorities to just get on with the game and stop being such pussies.  Not really but he doesn't think walking off the pitch works:
"I don't think you can run away, because eventually you can run away if you lose a match."
"This is a very touchy subject, but there is zero tolerance of racism in the stadium,
His argument is that eventually teams will pretend to have been racially abused in order to abandon a game when they are losing, which although perhaps a valid point, is still not entirely supportive.  Blatter maintains that there is no racism in football and that it's just people moaning about stuff but it might not actually be his fault.  He comes from Switzerland you see, and as we all know they see things in an augmented reality where asian people are cuckoo clocks, hispanics are dressed as rag dolls and all black people are trying to rob him.  Of course after he's been burgled they can just shake hands and get on with it