Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Sammy Eto'o write comic books now

Being super rich isn't all it's cracked up to be, you know.  Faced with the pressure of living up to your price tag, some people forget where you really came from.  Just ask poor old Sammy Eto'o.

Eto'o, who earns more money than the King of the Moon, has been keeping himself busy by writing a comic book charting his meteoric rise to wealth.  He said:
‘I wanted to share my experience with young people. Samuel Eto’o wasn’t always the billionaire that many people present him as. Behind all that there was a lot of hard work, and it’s that work that I want to highlight.’
The story, entitled 'Sammy from the Block', follows the story of a young boy as he meets an innocent looking teenage hotty just standing by the side of the road.  He invites her into his van that he has, filming the whole thing, and then he and his friends take turns having sex with her while they drive around the neighbourhood.  It's a heartwarming tale and one I suspect I might be confusing with something else I saw on the internet recently.