Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Ronaldo is really, really cool

Ronaldo graciously accepted defeat to Lionel Messi for the Ballon d'Or again but I stumbled across a video of him from about 3 years ago doing cool tricks so here's that.

The cameraman, or just some guy, starts trying to have a skillz battle with the Portugal captain during this photoshoot but then Ronaldo turns on the style and does cool stuff.  He does one trick where somehow he spins and passes the ball even though it looks stuck to his leg and it just really confused me.  Also I'm not sure who won.  In a way it's a bit like porn, because you watch the start to set the scene, skip the boring middle bit where they get started, watch about 30 seconds of when the good stuff happens, skip again, and then make sure you watch the climax to find out who won.  And also because I ejaculated in my pants