Sunday, 20 January 2013

Real Madrid: Fight, Make Up, Hump Valencia

Jose Mourinho and Cristiano Ronaldo had a fight! Well not a fight, an exchange of words. A "heated" exchange, as the media like to say. Whatever was said, it clearly worked as Madrid destroyed Valencia in 45 minutes.

After the Copa Del Rey game against Valencia last week, apparently Mourinho accused Ronaldo of hiding for the last fifteen minutes - to which he replied
“I give my life for you and you are wrong to criticise me.”
"I give my life for you" - that is definitely the kind of thing Ronaldo would say, before storming off in a pink Lamborghini convertible.

Tonight there was no sign of Ronaldo being unhappy. He and Real completely demolished Valencia and were 5-0 up at half-time. The camera caught a few Valencia fans leaving, surprising in these harsh economic times - you need as many goals for your Euros as possible. Valencia were actually quite good in the second half but it was pointless by then. Imagine Saving Private Ryan if everyone died on Omaha beach?

Ronaldo was on for the perfect hat-trick but he couldn't get a third goal and actually missed a sitter from 6 yards out - which he blamed on Higuain because everything that goes wrong is his fault(I just made that up). Madrid will face Manchester United soon which will see Ronaldo going back to Old Trafford for the first time. There he will face up against the ageing legs of Evra, Ferdinand and Vidic, in what I assume will resemble that opening scene at Omaha beach but with more twisted limbs and screaming.