Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Rangers are moaning again

Rangers broke lots of rules and had all their money and trophies taken away quite recently but that was really unfair because they didn't want to have their money and trophies taken away.  They just wanted to keep them.  What is this?  Amateur hour?

Now officially named Sevco United, Sevco United are very annoyed that the Scottish league official people are planning to completely rework the structure of leagues in the country because it doesn't benefit them in anyway.  It's almost as if breaking all of the rules wasn't a good idea in the first place, and I for one am truly outraged.  Hopefully the SFL sees sense and makes the league much easier for Sevco to climb up to its rightful place buying all of the other club's best players so that they can't win any games.  It's like what 12 year olds do to win on Championship Manager except instead of punching their desk when they lose the UEFA Cup final, they inject irn bru into themselves, mixed with heroin.  It's called irn heroin and is disgusting.  The dessert was quite nice however, and I really enjoyed the smoked salmon.  All in all I give it 4/10