Thursday, 3 January 2013

PSG fan sets Ibrahimovic 12 challenges to win back

Incase you hadn't noticed, I've pretty much just been trawling through Reddit for stories today and here's one that I liked.  A PSG fan bought when the player signed for the club, but rather than use it for financial gain, he's sent the striker on a treasure hunt.

The site, written in pretty well translated English, asks the striker to complete one of twelve challenges in order to earn the domain name back.  I think this is cool.

As you can see the guy is a bit of a legend and the challenges are actually pretty reasonable.  Hell, I'd give Zlatan if he battled me at Taekwondo.  Thankfully he probably hasn't seen what I look like yet so I can make him think I'm an absolute giant and through clever lighting and atmospheric smoke he'll surrender before I'm even in the ring.  It's all about the mind games.