Friday, 18 January 2013

Play the FIFA Drinking Game

It's Friday mother hubbards.  For those of you who plan on drinking lots of beer (RESPONSIBLY) before you go out on the smash over the weekend, here's how you do it with FIFA.

To play the game you require:

3 people minimum
A games console
FIFA of any generation
Beer and assorted alcoholic juice

Full football kit (mixed teams or sports is fine)
A house

2 people play each other
The 3rd is the "beer referee" who enforces the rules

Teams must be chosen at random. You get a maximum of three spins but you cannot go back to a previous choice (if you get Denmark on your 2nd spin and randomise to get a better team and get Dundee then it's your own fault)

The beer referee must order drink punishments when the in-game referee blows his whistle. Corners, goal kicks and throw ins are at the referee's discretion.

Committing a foul results in a 3 second drink. Yellow card is half your drink, red card is full drink.

Conceding a goal is a 3 second drink.


If your keeper can enter your opponent's half, your opponent must drink their beer until the keeper is dispossessed. 

If your keeper scores then your opponent must drink for the duration of the celebration.

If your opponent scores as a result of you taking your keeper into their half, you must drink for the duration of their celebration.

More rules, however random, may be added at the referee's discretion.