Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Peter Odemwingie is bored

Peter Odemwingie has been in the news recently because he all of a sudden wants to leave West Brom.  He took out his frustration on Twitter because he "was bored"

Odemwingie looks like the kind of thing you win in one of those claw machines at a theme park and then abandon on a bench before you go to pizza hut.  As he sits gazing out at the sea he can tell the world how he really feels:
His employers, West Brom, were apparently not very pleased with the striker's comments and told him to "fucking wrap it up, son".  He wants a move to QPR for some unknown reason (£££) and if not there, somewhere in Dubai, for footballing reasons (£££££££).  What I don't understand is the tweet that says "home alone. dark. son and wife in hospital. frustrated".

Firstly, why is that relevant?  Did his frustration put them in hospital?  Secondly..... why is he sitting on his own in the dark in his house?  You couldn't draw a better psychopath.

And my final favourite thing is his tweet that says "Score u the best. Don't score - u bad. Where is the truth?" because underneath it says 'Expand' and it makes me think that this is the exact kind of question you have to answer in the 'footballer aptitude test' before you sign your first contract.