Monday, 7 January 2013

Paolo Di Canio wants to throw his money away

Paolo Di Canio is so desperate to win at life that he has offered to use his own money to pay for Swindon Town's loan players, because the club can't afford it.

The Italian has said that he will use his own cash to pay the £30,000 required for the three players as he believes the club have a much better chance of winning things with them than without them:
"I'm not going to start selling my houses in Italy, but I want to keep those players," 
"When I die I will have a bit less money but will have the victory as a manager.
"I've spent big money on solicitors in the past; you can imagine what I would spend on my players."
I don't know how much solicitors cost but I expect it's probably quite a lot.  It's certainly more than the amount it would be to pay for three people to play football for your club.  And I mean, if you were only hiring the solicitor to make sure that a restraining order was acquired then the amount of money you'd need just surely makes it not worth while.  I know if it was me I wouldn't bother.  Hint hint