Monday, 21 January 2013

Olympiacos sack their manager: Potential Adultery

Everyone was surprised by the sacking of Nigel Adkins. He appeared to be a very nice chap, seemed to have turned a corner, with regards to results with Southampton and even did that primary school teacher style goodbye note. There is nothing else to say about him so I won't, let's talk about Leonardo Jardim of Olympiacos.

Jardim hadn't lost a game all season, amassing 14 wins and 3 draws from 17 games. His side finished third in their Champions League group, just a point behind Arsenal and are currently ten points clear at the top of the league. So why did they sack him? This actually happened a couple of days ago but I only found out today. Only Greeks care about Greek football. I can relate, I'm Scottish - nobody outside of this frozen landmass gives a shit about our brand of punt-ball.

So why, dammit why! Apparently he was being intimate with the chairman's wife, and by intimate I mean inappropriate, and by inappropriate I mean he pulverised her pubic zone with his penis - which is certainly a good reason for sacking someone. I think it's sandwiched between murder and wearing crocs.

I guess we will never know if he really did Ashley Cole the chairman's wife, but it certainly makes for a better story.