Sunday, 27 January 2013

Nile Ranger loves to rap

When Newcastle striker Nile Ranger isn't busy posting pictures on the internet of himself with a handgun, he's being arrested for assault.  And if he isn't doing that he's out raping people allegedly

Yes good old Nile has been arrested on suspicion of rape after a woman reported him to police.  Although these are only allegations, it's probably a good idea for Newcastle to just put this guy in the bin round about now.  Just because you're a footballer doesn't mean you should get special treatment.  If you were hiring a guy to work in Costcutter and his CV included 'internet pictures of guns' 'assault' and 'alleged raping', I would be inclined to think passing on that option might be a good idea.  I mean would you hire someone like that?  Hmmm?

Seriously though, because I really need a job.