Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Kieron Dyer is released

Kieron Dyer is going to be a busy boy this January as he attempts to find someone to love him.  Clearly Harry Redknapp has never heard the saying 'a Kieron Dyer is for life, not just for Christmas'

Ahhhh I remember the days when little Kieron Dyer was such a well known potential star that I even knew how to spell his name each time correctly without having to delete it several times, stare at it and then consult Google to confirm my suspicions.  I also remember that time he had a fight on the pitch with Lee Bowyer.

Apart from these things, he is of course most well known for being injured all of the time and due to his fairly large wages at QPR and the fact that he isn't very good anymore, Old Harry has decided to trigger some clause in his contract that lets him be released into the wild.  He is expected to move into an enclosure at London Zoo any day now where he will do keepy ups non stop until one of his knees explodes and he just lies there screaming for help.  It's a fun day out for all the family!