Friday, 18 January 2013

Jose Bosingwa won't leave

Jose Bosingwa is really committed to the cause and that's why everyone at QPR hates him.  He's just too passionate.  Wait, I mean the opposite of all of that.  Sorry

"Arrogant" Jose, as he is now known, is apparently locked in heated discussions with his club who have decided that they don't actually want to pay him any of the £8million they are supposed to over the next few years because he's shit.  Good.  Good for him.  It's their own fucking fault for doing the Football Manager cheat badly.  Mark Hughes basically went to the market to sell a cow but instead of magic beans, he came back with a bunch of useless cunts who couldn't believe their luck.

In the year 2012, who on earth green lit a big money move for Jose Bosingwa?  He was good for about three minutes in the early noughties.  He's basically Nizlopi.  They basically signed a song about a fucking digger.