Thursday, 17 January 2013

John Carew is an actor

Ex Aston Villa striker John Carew has decided to spend his retirement from football by getting a new career in the movies.

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The Norwegian has been busy filming in Canada following his release from West Ham in the summer and if you were wondering whether a footballer would be able to cut it in the serious, dramatic and artistic world of film, I raise you a Vinne Jones.  From The Sun:
“I will be here filming for a month. I can’t say much about the film until the project 
gets more developed, but it’s an action-thriller movie. 
“I think I have ‘it’, and ‘it’ is what you need to be successful in the film industry.”

I also used to think that I had 'it' when I was a bit younger and used to tour the UK playing gigs, but then I gave up because I realised that 'it' meant 'money'.  And because I don't have money, that's why I never made 'it'.

Subsequently I have discovered that 'sex appeal', 'charisma' and 'talent' all also important.