Wednesday, 16 January 2013

John Arne Riise is not wanted round 'ere

John Arne Riise has reportedly been told by Martin Jol that he needs to move out the house because he's a real jerk and he hates him.

The left footed POWER HOUSE hasn't played since Boxing Day and this is directly linked to Martin Jol's love for him, which has depreciated as a result of the Norwegian's decision to stop scoring insanely cool goals.  The whole point of Riise is that you get him on the left, dribble past a guy and then batter it in from about 40 yards every time so if he's not doing that, you have to just put up with his horrible ugly face.  Like when you go to your girlfriend's house and she just wants to watch TV.  Why are we even hanging out if we're not going to have sex?  I'm a busy man.