Sunday, 6 January 2013

Joey Barton is not an animal

Arrogant, pretentious and a little bit mental - it's no wonder Joey Barton is getting on really well in France.

Just joking, I bloody love France and the French. I don't love Joey Barton, he's a twat but the Marseille President sure does.

"He is funny, intelligent, and he fights for victory. We can see that the team has been lifted by his competitive spirit. He is now established as a leader in our group."

High praise indeed for a man who seems to spend all his time away from the pitch, trying to wind up Piers Morgan or Didi Hamann on Twitter. Joey Barton is only 26, I say only 26 because that is the same age as me and I don't want to feel like I've wasted my life. Yup his best years are definitely ahead of him. No more assault charges outside McDonalds...him not me.

Everything seems to be going very well for Joey down in the South of France, which makes me think he is building up to something. I'm thinking Rambo in Burma but with a scouse accent.