Thursday, 3 January 2013

Joe Cole is moving back to Landan

Joe Cole is set to complete his move back to West Ham on Friday, which is tomorrow, unless the internet is wrong.  And if the internet is wrong then I don't know what to believe anymore

Cole is just one of those players that you think never achieved their full potential yet actually when you look at it he won quite a lot of stuff.  He's won the league, the FA cup and probably some other stuff, earned about 56 caps for England and yeh, that's it.  You'll notice that he's won about 4 million times more things than you have though so you can't really have a go at him.  Unless you have won more than him but then you'd be Ronaldo or something, in which case I think you should be spending your time relaxing.  You've got big games coming up, don't ruin your brain on this stuff.  Fitbathatba articles are pretty much like giving a dog bits of your food at the table.  You know that you like giving the dog a treat, and the dog likes it too but then you realise that you don't have a dog and will actually die alone because you don't have any friends.