Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Jason Puncheon: He Went For a Sh!t

Tonight saw a thrilling 0-0 between Southampton and Everton. The best thing about the game was the "top bants" from the fans.

Jason Puncheon must have had too much caffeine at half-time, as he needed a break in the second half to nip to the toilet - queue the chants of "Jason Puncheon, he went for a shit". Judging by his reaction, he clearly did. After the game, new manager Mauricio Pocheitino said -
“But he was feeling a bit unstable and he had to rush to the loo"
Talking about shit, Everton were abysmal. Jelavic is starting to look like he belongs back in the SPL, or Division 3 if he fancies going back to Rangers. Perhaps Moyes is going to mix it up this year and be really good for the first half of the season, then shit for the second? Moyes is absolutely terrifying, if you stared into his eyes for too long you would spontaneously combust. If that didn't work, he would just headbutt you repeatedly until you broke down to the God particle - or the Messi particle as it's soon to be renamed.