Friday, 11 January 2013

Jamie Oliver makes Man City's food now

Celebrity chef and restauranteur, Jamie Oliver, has signed a five year deal with Manchester City to do all of the catering for match days at the Etihad stadium.

I never understood the public hating Jamie Oliver because I always thought he seemed really nice.  He works really hard, has exceptional entrepreneurial skills and spends his own money and time trying to make a difference to poor people by preventing their kids from dying by eating food that isn't even food.  I remember reading one person say "ohhh look at him, pretending he has friends in a Sainsbury's advert..... they're all actors!" as if that was a reason to dislike him.  Of course they're fucking actors, it's an advert.  I hate people like that, just be nice.

And think of all the awesome match day food he'll prepare that won't survive nuclear war.  Ideally he'll base his menu on the incredible one that Aberdeen has.  Only the other day I had a veritable feast in which I consumed 7 different animals in one sitting!  By eating a single pie.