Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Harry Redknapp hates Twitter, loves gangs

Harry Redknapp doesn't understand technology for the sole reason, I expect, that he hasn't tried to use it.  He's annoyed with Tony Fernandes for being on Twitter.  And he is right because Tony Fernandes is an absolute ball bag

Here's a little picture I stole from the BBC website:

My God that man is a cosmic penis.  Harry has offered some advice:
"If you don't want to know what people are saying, don't be on Twitter."
Yes.  This.  Times 1 million.  There are some things I really don't like about Redknapp, but there are others, like this that make him good.  Tony Fernandes is a grown business man trying to hang out with the cool kids in a desperate appeal for approval.  He's like the professor in Fresh Meat.  It's fucking Twitter, mate.  The people who use it are either children, socially retarded, on the wind up or dick heads.  Jack uses Twitter almost exclusively to be unnecessarily mean to people yet even he has avoided trying to annoy Tony Fernandes because it's so pointless.

It's great that this particular method of social networking gives a voice to the 'man on the street' but what you have to remember is that the 'man on the street' is 99% of the time an absolute fanny. If you ever get wound up by someone on Twitter, you need to get a life, or a real job.  Like being the chairman of a football club.