Monday, 7 January 2013

Greek children are good at football

You may think that Greece is in debt because of over spending, tax evasion and various other economic reasons, but actually it's because they've been investing heavily in youth football programs.  Here's the evidence:

From kick off, these little scamps 'do a Barcelona' and manage to score without the opposite team ever getting a touch of the ball.  AO Giannina are a club who I think are based in Thessaloniki, but regardless are clearly the product of millions of £££ and research.  I'm going to assume that they were all no-hopers until an under appreciated, alcoholic ex-pro was given the task of winning the national tournament with them.  Against all the odds and amid a world of adversity, will the team manage to overcome their opponents and conquer the league?  And will the coach finally battle his booze-based demons?  Only time will tell.  But yes.  And if that doesn't sound great there's still loads of porn on the internet so don't worry