Monday, 7 January 2013

Grant Holt is good at twitter, special

Grant Holt might look like he chases the post van down the road when it comes past his house, and he probably does because his writing 'style' gives the impression that he's very special.  I'm talking Charlie Kelly special.

Now I know that occasionally on here the English isn't exactly dissertation at Uni standard, but you have to remember that I have a Masters degree so if I want to write correctly, I can.  Just thought I'd drop in how smart I am to make this article seem even more pretentious than it was going to be.

I first stumbled across the wonder of Grant Holt tweets while perusing the forums at Football 365, but they're nice there so I'm sure they don't mind me sharing such gems as:

That's fairly comprehendible so I'll raise you a few of his highlights to point out that football really is the gift that keeps giving...... if you don't know how to communicate with other humans.  Here is a list of my current favourite Grant Holt tweets:
1. Good morning people up and off for breakfast. Them get sorted for the game can't wait will be a great atmosphere here always is. #youfatman
2. No football for me tonight seen enough. Games is good. Also I'm ps3 people
3. Just chilling in the house shame about result today will go again sat another tough test. 
4. Taked Baby. Meet at later bar. Night or day sometime
I have no idea what the last one means but I think you get the idea.  Grant Holt truly is a rebel without a cause.  Or should that be clause?  He's definitely a rebel without a full stop, an apostrophe or any real grammatical structure, but you know what?  He's a footballer, which is cool, and he's probably very nice so you should stop being such a dick about him or else his gran will see you with her eyes