Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Gordon Strachan is the Scotland boss

It finally happened!  Gordon Strachan has been announced as the next Scotland boss, ending years of lazy press speculation and a nationwide search of no other people.

The former Dons legend opened his press conference by saying the appointment was '40 years in the making' which makes it sound like he's completed some sort of evil deal, but he went on to explain that he actually wants to win games.  It's a crazy maverick strategy and one that I hope works.  And if it doesn't then whatever

Sorry about the lack of updates recently again - I've been writing about four different projects (sitcom, cartoon, new fitba videos and potential fitba team shows), working, moving house and sometimes sleeping.  So that's why.  I've still managed to do every article this month myself except two of them (Jack might actually be dead) so chill out man.  Jeez.