Tuesday, 29 January 2013

France Football think Qatar World Cup bid *might* have been rigged

Shocking news in football land today as sports magazine France Football reveals that they think the Qatar World Cup bid may have been corrupt.  They're even suggesting people might have been bribed?!!

Qatar is famous for a few things: football, oil, businessmen, money, oil, corrupt businessmen, big buildings, infringement of human rights, money, more money and DEFINITELY not football.  Everyone in the world was surprised when Qatar won the bid because that country's atmosphere only barely supports human life, let alone a demanding athletic sporting tournament.

There are talks of having to move the World Cup to the winter so that nobody dies, or even changing the rules to break the game into thirds so that nobody dies and it seems quite clear that the reason Qatar won the bid was so that nobody dies.  From Who Ate All The Pies:
“France Football has conducted an investigation on the appointment, without any apparent logic, of Qatar as the host country of the World 2022 , made twelve years before the competition.
“The result is instructive. Between acts of collusion and corruption that FF identifies in (our Tuesday edition), the designation has an odour of scandal that forces us to ask the only question that matters: should the 2022 World Cup vote be cancelled?”
Well no.  It shouldn't be cancelled.  It's actually quite a good thing to hold an event like the World Cup in a new part of the world since it might inspire a generation of players from the Middle East, and the Western world generally has their claws all over it.  It might also convince Qataris that gay people are OK and that driving around in your raping van shouldn't be listed as a hobby